I shot and edited this play which was streamed during lockdown of 2021. This "kaleidoscopic, musical odyssey" was written and performed by Jack Holden, directed by Bronagh Lagan and scored by John Elliot. We shot it in the warren of basement spaces under Shoreditch Town Hall.

The play has since gone onto the West End and been nominated for an Olivier Award.

“Here is a production that utilises the striking writing and dialogue of theatre with the artistic and fast-moving action of film, truly giving audiences the best of both worlds. Cruise is a captivating story and a must-watch.” 
★★★★★ - The Upcoming

“A show that ebbs and flows before ripping you through a whirlwind of dance and energy and spitting you out the other side after a gut-wrenching reality check.”
★★★★★ -  Pocket Size Theatre

“Its online version makes you want to partake of Holden’s enthusiasm firsthand. [...] Watching the author dart about onscreen leaves you keen to be in the same room with that bristling energy.”
The New York Times